Intro to 'The Art of Healing'

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

'The Art of Healing' is a TWO PART meditative performance & painting experience from the mind which is documented by using video. The second part invites you to a LIVE spiritual gathering at sunset on Arts Therapy UK Performed outside and using a large scale canvas, the focus of the work is about a cathartic release as a form of healing from trauma. It can be a past event, recently experienced, or a recurrence. Whilst I share with you my journey, I hope that you will start your own healing too.

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About the work:

Death, loss and bereavement. My dream is always dark and spiritually a sign of a bad omen. I visit the same place in my dreams for eight years, and I’m very familiar with the location. There is a buried body on the ground on top of a small hill, with soil covered on top, with no grave. There is a house close-by (I think I’m supposed to live there), surrounded by a forest. I fear for someone to uncover the bones, and to find out my secret. Over the years, the dream has become less of a nightmare, but a place of remorse. I will cry once I wake up, missing the memory of a person…

In 2013, I lost my step-father. It was probably the most painful moment in my life. He was a Ship Captain, and the sea brought him home barely alive. Throughout his life, he had to deal with awful weather conditions, and even saved the lives of his crew members. His ashes were scattered out in the open sea, his favorite place where he spent almost all of his life.

I’m not the only one who is dealing with a painful situation in life. Sometimes, it takes us many years to grieve, heal and recover. Even though we may continue with our lives, and appear well, I have found that there are moments which bring us back to the event. Triggers, memories, dreams (nightmares), flashbacks, anxiety attacks, and specific dates. They are all connected, part of our history, and they remain with us forever. 'The Art of Healing' project is part of The Making Effect digital online exhibition with The Arts Health Network NSW / ACT (AHNNA) in November, 2020.

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