Art Practice Timeline

2012 - 2021


Arts & Healthcare Work, UK

November 2020 - present

• Responsible for the recreational programme

• Professional creation of Newsletters

Specialist focus on advanced/ behavioural dementia units and the interior/ design 

• Artist facilitator in Arts & Crafts classes


The Art of Healing project part of The Making Effect, The Arts Health Network NSW/ACT (AHNNA), 

November 2020


'The Art of Healing' is a TWO PART meditative performance & painting experience from the mind which is documented by using video and LIVE on Arts Therapy UK. Using a large canvas, the work about a cathartic release as a form of healing. The work is part of The Making Effect digital online exhibition with The Arts Health Network.

Keywords: Meditation, Mental Health, Painting, Healing Journey


G.E.M Award Winner

in Healthcare 2020!

I was nominated for the GEM (going the extra mile) Award in Healthcare.

I received the award for my key attributes; commitment, creative input, performance, positive attitude, initiative, and for being team player at work.

The Staff Gem winner is someone who always goes the extra mile and consistently works towards the Trust's core values: compassion, respect, empowerment, and partnership.

Educational Work at Hermann-Lietz Schule (Boarding School), Germany

February - July 2020 

• English Tutoring with the 7-10th graders

• Substituting English classes with the 10th graders
• House Parent and Safeguarding responsibilities for six boarding school girls (aged 13 - 18 years old)

• Organizer of Saturday Art Clubs in The Art House

• English Language and Art classes with the Primary School children

For more information about the creative classes in education, please see the projects section. 

Mindful Mandalas Exhibition, Milton Keynes University Hospital

September 2020 - September 2021

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 5.16.44 PM.png
ORINTA_The Ball.png

Exhibition opportunity at Milton Keynes University Hospital as part of the Mindful Mandalas exhibition (until September 2021). Three large scale mandalas were created in Arts & Crafts classes in Healthcare with Arts Therapy UK, and the resident’s artworks are displayed near the Neonatal Unit. For more information, please see the projects section.

Faces of Lincoln 

Peekaboo Photo Studio,

Lincoln 2020

Portfolio Video 

Publ in 2020

The skills video highlights my creative engagement from 2016 - 2019 and published in 2020.

• Contemporary Arts

• Exhibitions 

• Video Production

• Arts Facilitation 


Faces of Lincoln Project by Rafał Grzesiak, 2020



Arts & Healthcare Work, UK

March 2019 - February 2020

• Responsible for the recreational programme

• Professional creation of Newsletters

• Specialist focus on advanced/ behavioural dementia

• Artist facilitator in Arts & Crafts classes

• Transforming dining areas into art galleries 

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Freelance Performance Artist, UK

June - September 2018

• Performed as a Freelance Performance Artist at established venues in the UK and abroad

• Producer, creator, and choreographer


• Tempting Failure, Biennial of Performance Art & Noise, Croydon, London

• SLAP Performance & Music Event, Rough Trade, Nottingham

• Body & Freedom Festival, Zurich, Switzerland

Live Art Facilitator​ at Gallery

at St Martin's, Lincoln

December 2017 - February 2018

Exhibition Assistant, Sam Scorer's Gallery, Lincoln

April 2018

Invigilation of the gallery's exhibition, customer service inquiries, and creation of documents for new exhibitors. This opportunity was part of the University of Lincoln and the Santander Scheme.

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 10.25.37

Curatorial Assistant, Frequency Digita Arts Festival, Lincoln

October 2017

• Editorial work for the interpretation panels and artists statements around the City of Lincoln

• Creation of volunteer packs for the Exhibition Hosts when setting-up and de-stalling technical work

• Tour Guide of the festival for the Community and VIP's

• Organizer of the creative cafe radio conversations with artists from the festival 

• Organizer of venue for a week-long mentorship opportunity for emerging artists
• Guidance, logistics support, and feedback for the artists (aged 18 - 26)
• Planned risk-assessments
• Marketing campaigns and social media promotions

• Worked together with the Technical Team at the University of Lincoln and Lincoln Borough Council

MA Fine Art Degree Show, University of Lincoln

September 2017

1 year-long intensive course with discourses, critiques and research reports. I specialised in contemporary arts, exhibition displays, performance art and the curation of artwork. Whilst a student, I performed professionally in England at various venues. The documentation of my work for the MAtter Fine Art Degree Show (September 2017) can be seen in the video below. 

LPAC (Lincoln Performing Arts Centre)

September 2016 - September 2017

There are three main keywords in my performance practice:

Intimacy as the beginning of a connection, transference as a two-way give and take exchange where vulnerability and empathy meet, and transcendence, the moment you are allowing yourself to expand.

The public was invited to attend either one-to-one or group performances at LPAC theatrical studios and to experience the progression of a year-long project titled The Intimacy of Touch. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.07.44 PM.png

] Performance s p a c e [,

Performance Art Bursary, Folkestone

June 2017


Whilst a student on the MA Fine Art course at the University of Lincoln, I performed professionally as an artist. In this opportunity, I received a bursary to perform simultaneously with other artists at ] performance s p a c e [. In the political live performance, I was unraveling matters through the body as a statement, a physical duration, or an unfolding narrative. The reading of French thinkers and philosophers, such as Simone de Beauvoir and Georges Bataille, materialize new concepts and meanings in the production of work regarding relationships, gender struggles, and ownership of power. 

Krisis CLAP + Little Wolf Parade

November 2016 

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 6.24.01 PM.png

I performed on the streets as part of the Little Wolf Parade event in Nottingham, UK. Little Wolf Parade worked in collaboration with SOMETHING HUMAN curator collective Alessandra Cianetti and Annie Jael Kwan as a part of their KRISIS programmed events.

"When a journey leads us to expand the boundaries of our identity to the point at which we include in the 'we' what was simply 'other', our journey is a return to home. We came full circle.


- Exploring Borders: Understanding Culture and Psychology 

The Freedom Project,

Emerging Artist Residency

7 months, 2016

"The Freedom Project is a 7 month residency for emerging artist from East & West Midlands, led by Rachael Young based at mac birmingham, Curve Leicester and New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

It’s about collaboration, conversation art and action. It’s about building networks and sharing knowledge. It’s about questioning what freedom means to us as individuals. It’s about questioning the limits that are put on us by society and facing the limits and restrictions we place ourselves.

Throughout the residency the artists are exploring these themes through their individual arts practice to make innovative new piece of work, which will be showcased for the first time during The Freedom Project Take Over on Wednesday 7th September. Expect a dynamic collection of one-on-one interactions, installations, sound pieces and durational performance, presented throughout the day and into the evening."


Programme Facilitator

SoundLINCS Music Organization

January - July 2016

"soundWELL is soundLINCS’ music delivery with the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust. The project delivers music workshops and training with Children in Challenging Circumstances across five diverse strands; looked after children, youth justice services, paediatric services, young parents and children with special educational needs, including those who are hearing impaired."

• The lead artist for soundWELL projects Sensory Video & Sound Installation & Musical Wonderla in Lincoln County Hospital paediatrics ward

• Musical transformations at Rainforest Playroom

• Worked with children and led musical workshops (ages 0 - 10)


Pushing the Inside Out, Drawing the Outside In, Performance Art Workshop, Germany

June 2015

Graduation: BA Hons Fine Art, University of Lincoln, 2015

After BA Hons Fine Art studies, I received an opportunity to perform in Neukolln, Germany, as part of a one week intensive performance art residency. It was facilitated by Zierle & Carter and Dagmar I. Glausnitzer Smith. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 14.19.41.png

Award Ceremony

BA Hons Fine Art Degree

• Three years of studies in contemporary arts

• Focus in video projection displays, technology, immersive video and sound installations

•  Setting up exhibitions and gallery displays 

• Live art and collaborative performances 

• Critical reports and dissertation writing about modern art/ art in the Soviet bloc


I achieved an award for Outstanding Commitment from the University of Lincoln, School of Fine & Performing Arts.


2012 - 2015

3 years BA Hons Fine Art studies

BA Hons Fine Art Degree Show, Three Times Around the Sun, 2015

In this technological video and sound installation, three videos were projected onto aluminium sheets, running at the same time and immersing the viewer into another culture. The cultural video and sound installation concerned immigration, homeland, mother-tongue and family abroad. For two years in advance, I studied the Baltic States conflict with Russia, which directed my work to focus on the authenticity of language and relationship to my own country, Lithuania. Throughout the video and sound experience, you hear the voices of three generations of women (daughter, mother and grandmother) who are in conversation with each other, singing traditional folk songs from the war, and poetically expressing themselves.