Sensory Art for Healthcare

Arts Therapy UK


Inspired by the distinctive style and geometry of the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (1872 - 1944), the contemporary use of colours in the Rubik's Cube series are specifically created for Healthcare settings and patients with neurological degenerations. The artworks contrasting colours define the environment, and the colours aim to activate and stimulate the brain cells. 

Colour associations: 

  • Blues are generally noted to have a calming and restful effect

  • Greens can reduce central nervous system activity and help people feel calm and restful 

  • Red increases brain wave activity and can stimulate the production of adrenalin into the bloodstream, and so is recommended for high activity areas and communal spaces where stimulation is required

  • Orange being a warm colour, it is closely related to red and shares some of its properties. It is also an earth-based colour and like green, it often produces associations with nature and natural environments.

Sensory Art for Healthcare are created on-demand by Arts Therapy UK. There is a variety of foam colours and canvas sizes to choose from for your personally tailored artwork in Healthcare.

For enquiries and costs, please get in touch with Orinta Pranaityte by email