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Arts Therapy UK is an online platform that presents quality therapeutic activities with elder people. Its focus is Dementia Care and Mental Health in Health & Social Care settings. 


How it all started!

Arts Therapy UK established in 2019, whilst Orinta Pranaitytė worked in Health & Social Care in England. As an experienced Arts Practitioner, she led a variety of Arts & Crafts classes and transformed the environment of the Residential Senior Living Care Home. She was interested to positively promote the senior's well-being through the joy of creating art, making conversations, and listening to relaxing music. Shortly afterwards, her main goal was to celebrate the senior's artworks in the home and to create unique and modern Art Gallery Walls. In the present day, Arts Therapy UK is continuously working with people creatively!



At the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 year changed the world. Before the announcement of the pandemic, Pranaitytė traveled abroad for a six months job offer with Primary School children and Secondary School students at Hermann-Lietz Boarding School in Haubinda, Germany. As the world stood still, life abroad can be described in her latest blog ‘Living & Working Abroad During a Pandemic’. 


The New Year has arrived! It's 2021!

This year in 2021, the wishes are to utilize digital platforms and to present a series of regular online art sessions for the public and service users. The main aim is to provide a space for learning, sharing of skills and techniques on https://www.instagram.com/artstherapyuk/. Additionally, the new expressive-arts project ‘The Art of Healing’ is a year-long body of work that is focused on the area of Mental Health. The work combines performance art and painting on a large scale. 


Specialist weekly arts classes by a qualified Arts Practitioner, offering short-term and long-term therapeutic wellbeing projects.

I evaluate the area of the display and frame the artworks created from the arts classes. I curate the art using my professional knowledge and experiences from the arts industry. The final product is a setup contemporary art gallery wall.

For the Health & Social Care setting, I create high-quality catalogues, leaflets, booklets and newsletters of the activities engagement for the families, visitors and potential clients. For enquiries and your unique design, I am able to show examples of the previous work.

Arts Therapy UK Catalogue, 2020

By Orinta Pranaityte

Cover Photography: © Rafal Grzesiak, Faces of Lincoln Project, 2020

This is the 2020 version.


Expertise in printmaking group activities with seniors, as well as with advanced dementia.

Landscape/seascape painting classes and teaching how to use

primary colours."

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 8.53.21 PM.png

Interactive and self-expressive Mandala Art classes. In an Art Class, presenting a large scale pattern to the group and working together to achieve a co-created artpiece.

Exploring the potential of creativity through arts and crafts. Designing, making, and placing together pieces to create decorative items.

Arts Therapy UK Catalogue, 2019

By Orinta Pranaityte

Cover Photography: © Rafal Grzesiak, Faces of Lincoln Project, 2020

This is the 2019 version.

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